Common Name: Guar
Scientific Name: Cyamopsis-tetragonoloba
Scientific Family: Fabaceae
Estimated Crop days: 120
Season: Kharif
Average yield/Acre:
Average price/Kg:
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(i)-It is used as forage crops, it's both vegetation and seed are used to feed cattle.
(ii)-It can also used to make fish, poultry, dairy and swine feeds from its meal or seed cake.
(iii)-Guar is a multiple purpose crops having both nutritional and economic potential but it being treated as a minor crop.
(iv)-Guar seed has great demand and industrial value from foreign countries like USA, UAE, UK, China and Australia.

Management Practices:

  • Land preparation
  • Sowing method & suitable varieties
  • Usage of Organic & Inorganic fertilizers
  • Proper Usage of irrigation
  • Weed Control
  • Timely management for disease & pest attack
  • Proper usage of pesticides

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