Common Name: Grass Pasture
Scientific Name: poaceace
Scientific Family: Grasses
Estimated Crop days: 75
Season: Annual
Average yield/Acre:
Average price/Kg:
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(i)-Grass pasture used for animal consumption to food crops, such as oat and barely for human consumption and make up the world's most significant food source.
(ii)-They play important ecological role in nature, and they are good protectors for the soil against soil erosion.
(iii)-Grass pasture are important source of food for animals.
(iv)-Most grasses produce an edible grain, the bulk of which, the endosperm, provide a rich source of carbohydrates for germinating embryo.

Management Practices:

  • Land preparation
  • Sowing method & suitable varieties
  • Usage of Organic & Inorganic fertilizers
  • Proper Usage of irrigation
  • Weed Control
  • Timely management for disease & pest attack
  • Proper usage of pesticides

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