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Greenage Services, based in Pakistan and is engaged in the business of providing consultancy, services, research & development in the agriculture sector, Geotechnical & Survey division.

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We are committed to support farmers with a tailored and comprehensive application that includes; access to sustainable markets and improved incomes, capacity building and empowerment, labor-saving technologies, and ways to promote environmental sustainability among other initiatives. Based on a sophisticated modeling framework using live weather data feeds, soil & water analysis, the system will quantify daily status for risk analysis and provide guidance. Our online application comes up with location-based suitability analysis, weather forecast, farm planning, crop simulator, soil sampling and testing. It also works on in-house developed remote sensors integration, banking compliance for crop loan, seed recommendations, marketplace, mandi rates and farmer’s educational platform. The use of improper land results in land degradation and a decline in agricultural productivity. Land evaluation and crop suitability analysis using GIS, remote sensing and soil samples offer better land usage options to the farmers. The analysis helps farmers and associated farm enterprises to select suitable crop in the particular agro-ecological zone. Weather model provides current & next 16 days forecast by using the previous 40 years' data. The crop simulator displays the growth stages including weather, irrigation, and crop management practices. It gives you schedules for stages of plant growth from sowing to harvesting. It also provides exact time and quantity of pesticides and fertilizers application according to the given crop stages and soil characteristics. We provide soil testing services to determine nutrient content, composition, and other characteristics to know fertility and the expected growth potential of the soil. Sample collection procedures are available on website. Soil testing is the analysis of a soil sample to determine nutrient content, composition, and other characteristics to know fertility and the expected growth potential of the soil. Plant samples are used to collect and analyze the quantity of elements in plant tissues. It is used to assess plant nutrient status which can be used in nutrient management decisions. Integrated disease and pest management follow a process that detects the problem of disease and pest attack in the field and will put forward significant solutions to mitigate the threats. We also offer a marketplace where retailers and sellers facilitate each other by offering products & services. Mandi rates display a price list of agricultural commodities on daily basis. Agri calculator estimates seed rate & yield according to land size. It helps farmers to mitigate seed losses in the field. As the world is facing the global warming, it is critical to use natural ways of eliminating high temperature and atmospheric pollution viz., air particulate matter and air carbon alongside to uplift air oxygen level for the best mental and body health. Growing specific native flora is an excellent option that carries multiple benefits e.g. cleaning the environment pollution and carbon, waste water management, sustaining lands, reducing soil erosion and noise pollution together with lots of medicinal benefits. We come up with the descriptive and production details of the plants species that have high carbon sequestration potential and air pollution tolerance index (APTI) value on per month basis.

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Our mission is to bring practical solutions to challenges faced in the public & private sector relative to agriculture, geotechnical & surveying through land-based crop suitability analysis climatic data, historical record, survey, mining, laboratory test & evolution.


Our vision is to be a leader in the conception and implementation of agricultural, geotechnical & surveying and environmental projects, we also promote sustainable Agri-business and GIS based analysis and operations at the National and International level.

Meet Our Teams

Our research & development teams bring practical solutions to challanges in the agriculture sector.


We are working on agriculture research including crops, vegetables, fruits, and plants. Identifying issues and providing solutions.

Sales & Marketing

We are working on formation and execution of field plans to upgrade management practices and farmers living standard.

Information Technology

We have developed smart agriculture system using advance technologies & precesion agriculture.


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They are very knowledgeable on geothermal technology.The new geo comfort system operates very well comfortable with less effort and backup electric grid input than our old system.
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Dr.Sohaib Aslam

Greenage services always provided me the in-time bona fide agriculture services with respect to crop's production coincided with the weather forecast and soil condition.
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Dr. Riffat Ayesha

I have called the help desk just three to four times over the past two years. Every time, my problem has been resolved with in a few minutes, the tech is very professional and friendly.
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Hassan Shakoor

Greenage Services, based in Pakistan and is engaged in the business of providing consultancy, services, research and development in the agriculture sector.

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