Plant Analysis

Plant analysis is the quantitative determination of the elements in plant tissues. It gives an overall picture of nutrient level within plant at the time of sampling. It is useful in evaluating fertilizer management practices and diagnosing nutrient-related crop production problems.

Plant sampling and analysis also involves in the diagnosis of a plant disease. It helps to minimize crop losses and specific treatment for pathogens can be tailored.

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Lab Test

(Greenage Integrated Solutions Lab.)

No: Testing Material Test Name Price
01 Plant Nitrogen (N) 100 Rs
02 Plant Phosphorus(P) 100 Rs
03 Plant Potassium(K) 100 Rs
04 Plant Micronutrients 100 Rs
05 Plant Bacterial 100 Rs
06 Plant Fungal 100 Rs
07 Plant Viral 100 Rs
08 Plant Nematodes 100 Rs
Whole Package = 800 Rs.

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